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What Does A Wave Tattoo Mean

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Mar 26, 2018  · A wave tattoo essentially shows a person’s connection to water or the ocean. They might be a water baby or a surfer or a marine or anything else. It just symbolises the strong affinity a person have towards water element. A wave tattoo could hold so many meanings for a person.

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The waves in a tattoo may mean different things. This may be usedto show the destructive force that water has during tides andhurricanes among other things.

Wave tattoos vary from the visually appealing to the emotionally expressive – you just love the look or the wave has a deeper, more complex meaning to you. From ancient times to the present, water has been venerated as one of the four elements of the Earth. Different world cultures still attach particular meanings to water.

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wave tattoo meaning. waves are formed from a mixture of things but they can provide us a lot of good times and things like electricity if you harness the power. Waves can also destroy whole cities if they are big enough. This is why many people try to harness the power of the wave by getting it tattooed on their body.