April 17, 2024

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Tattoo News in San Diego

Tattoos are permanent, so you need to choose an artist or shop with proven experience.

San Diego has some of the best tattoo shops in America. Check out this list to find one for your next project.

Chris Cockrill Tattoo Shop

Chris Cockrill Tattoo Shop offers a wide range of custom tattoo designs. Their tattoo artists are highly trained and provide excellent customer service.

The services include custom consultations, tattoos and piercings that are creative, as well as health and safety standards.

They are experts in all types of art including black & grey, old school, Mexican Aztec realism, polynesian tribe tattoos, fine-line, and mastectomy tattoos.

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Guru Tattoo Shop

Guru Tattoo has a wide range of tattoo designs that are tailored to your individual taste. Our artists have extensive experience in many artistic fields and can help you select the perfect design to represent who you are.

Their tattoo designs include Japanese American dark art floral geometric Pinup styles, Japanese American black and grey, illustrated, biomechanical, neotraditional, black-and-gray, and custom designed tattoos.

The team includes a number of experienced artists and piercers who are approved by the Health Department. They can offer consultations for anyone thinking about getting a new tattoo.

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Seven Seas Tattoo

San Diego’s zoos, beaches, galleries, and tattoo shops are well-known. Seven Seas Tattoo is a great option. Seven Seas Tattoo is a great tattoo shop in San Diego.

This shop has tattoo artists who are certified by the Health Department and provides a sterile atmosphere for your safety. This shop also offers consultation services to help you choose the perfect design for your tattoo.

They have artists who specialize in biomechanical, Japanese Americana, black and gray floral geometric, neo-traditional custom designs, and illustrative full color. All of them are certified health department artists and have years of industry experience.

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Bearcat Tattoo Gallery Shop

Bearcat Tattoo Gallery Shop is a San Diego tattoo studio that has been around for many years. It’s known to have some of America’s best tattoo artists, and devoted staff who are focused on creating stunning body art. Bearcat’s dedication is evident in the many people who have left with beautiful art!

Bearcat Tattoo artists are experts in intricate tattooing, fine line work and color palettes. Bearcat Tattoo has over 10 years experience in tattooing this area. They offer clients all the services they need.

This studio offers a variety of styles including Viking and Norse tattoos, Disney, bold gray, and neotraditional. The team has years of experience working together to ensure quality tattoos and safety standards that surpass industry standards.

Eden Tattoo Gallery Shop

Eden Tattoo Gallery is a unique tattoo gallery that offers top-quality customer service and exceptional artwork in a welcoming environment. Their skilled professionals are able to create eye-catching artworks that reflect the individuality of each client and their true identity.

They are dedicated to delivering high-quality work that is safe for their clients. We’ve listed them as one of the top places to get tattoos in San Diego because of their dedication.

Remington Tattoo Shop

The Remington Tattoo Shop in San Diego offers clients personalized tattoo designs seven days a week. They offer illustrative designs, as well as black and gray, full-color biomechanical Japanese Neo Traditional floral geometric custom designs.

Consultations are also offered by tattoo parlors before they begin their work. This is especially helpful if the design you want is not clear to you.

Keel Tattoo Studio has four artists who are specialists in different styles of tattooing. Portraits, black-and-gray tattoos, fine-line work, and geometric tatts are some of their favorite styles.